Monitorizacion Linux con Performance Co-Pilot (PCP)

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Instalacion y configuracion de PCP con Zabbix

# yum install pcp-import*
# yum install pcp-export*
# yum install pcp
# firewall-cmd --add-port=44321/tcp --permanent
# firewall-cmd --reload
# systemctl start pmcd
# systemctl enable pmcd
# yum install pcp-webapp-vector pcp-webapi
# systemctl start pmcd pmwebd
# systemctl enable pmcd pmwebd
# pcp atop
# pmiostat -t 2sec

Configuracion de Modulo de Zabbix

Nota: First make sure PCP is installed and configured properly, see the above references for instructions and 
use for example pminfo (1) to make sure the PCP metrics can be fetched. To enable the zbxpcp loadable 
module in a Zabbix agent, the following lines must be added to the Zabbix agent configuration file 
zabbix_agentd.conf (make sure to use the correct LoadModulePath ):
Nota: After restarting the Zabbix agent all the PCP metrics will be available with the pcp. 
 prefix like all the other agent items. This can be verified with the commands:
$ pminfo -t
$ zabbix_agentd -p
$ pminfo -f kernel.all.sysfork
$ zabbix_get -s -p 10050 -k pcp.kernel.all.sysfork